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3 Days
10:00 - 18:00
13200 грн
Сlient experience management school
Excellence in business and in what it delivers. How to build a 360 degree service system that includes customers, employees, processes and technology. The program includes the “10 Commandments of World-Class Service Companies” methodology
The audience of the program - Company Owners, CEOs and Executives who:
Want to make great service their costrategy and need a systematic look at service, customers and sales
Want their companies to become World-Class in customer service
Desire to increase the level of customer service without much investment
Want to learn how to properly evaluate and measure customer service efficiency
The program opens opportunities to:
Understand service system components and where to start if you want to improve customer service in your organization
Find out how working with regular and new clients affects your companys revenues and expenses
Understand what your company is actually selling and build relationships with customers, where emotional connection is more important than price
Get a set of unique tools for implementing a service system in your company (from service vision to customer experience standards) and practice them in the workshop
Train your staff to exceed the customer’s expectations and provide unforgettable customer experience
Differentiate from competitors by the level of customer service, which is impossible to copy
Learn how to hire, engage and retain employees with service DNA
Структура програми
Day 1
Service aptitude. Service system and service vision
December 9

  • Why do businesses need service and what does it give to the company? 
  • What is customer experience and what is it composed of? Which components are the most important for your business?
  • Service Aptitude. The causes of poor service. The impact of culture on the level of Employee Service Aptitude. 
  • Negative Customer Experience
  • The purpose of a company’s existence for the Customer. How to create the purpose of a company’s existence for the Customer?  What is your company really selling and what is most valued?
  • A Day in the Life of your Customer. Service Vision. Developing Service Vision for your company.
  • Presentation of group work. Service Vision pillars.

Day 2
Customer experience cycle and service standards
December 10

  • Non – negotiable World-Class Service standards
  • The Customer Experience Cycle
  • Secret Service. How to get true loyalty by using hidden systems of personification?
  • Service Defects, Experiential Standards, Above and Beyond Opportunities at each stage of the Customer Experience Cycle
  • The Customer Experience Cycle for your own company. Practical Assignment.

Day 3
Zero risk systems and service culture
December 11

  • What to do with service defects and how to make Customer Experience Zero Risk for the Client. Zero Risk Systems. 
  • How to define the main categories of customer challenges in your business. Practical Assignment.
  • How to create work protocols to correct service defects. Practical Assignment.
  • How to attract, hire and retain only those people with a Service DNA
  • Creating an internal service culture in the company.
  • Measuring Customer Experience. World-Class Leadership

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