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3 Days
13200 uah
Project management
An intensive course that provides a systematic approach and optional tools for classic project management
Program target audience: Project Designers, Project Managers and Managers who:
Are taking their first steps in project management;
Aspire to systematize their project management experience;
Want to learn how to deliver required results within specified project constraints.
The program will give you:
Familiarity with global standards, knowledge, and methodologies used in project management.
A comprehensive vision of the activities that lead to successful project management, using examples from various businesses, markets and cases.
An introduction to the technology of project management using practical examples.
The ability to allocate project boundaries, to identify expected results and to provide the necessary actions for such results through careful preparation of the project.
The skills to create key project management documents required for project approval by the client. This includes the skills of planning, methods of implementation monitoring and features of the project completion stage.
The competence to understand and define critical processes for the project and the ability to track, analyze and amend them.
The structure of the program
Day 2
Time management, communication and risks in the project

  • Case: Planning project scope.
  • Case: Develop roles for work projects (OBS) and matrix of responsibility for individual results (MOR).
  • Time management in the project. A technique for preparing detailed charts. How to create and apply targeted charts. Case: Gather information for the a calendar network graph for one of the project goals.
  • Communication management in the project. Determination of information needs for project participants. Development of a communication management plan - define format, channels of communication, regularity of provision. Case: Creating a communication management plan. 
  • Risk management in the project. Risk detection and response techniques. 

Day 3
Project implementation, monitoring and change management.

  • Case: Develop a risk management plan for the project. 
  • Implementation of the project. Organization of team collaboration during project execution.
  • Elements of Agile Project Management
  • Case: Design and presentation of the Statute and the Project Management Plan.
  • Project monitoring and change management. Preparation of project reports. Examples.
  • Summarizing. Defining the development horizons for project management skills.

Частина 3
Виконання та моніторинг проекту. Управління змінами
15 грудня, 9.00-17:00

Elvira Faizulina more details
Adjunct professor
What do you need to do to enroll?
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Tolk to the manager
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13200 uah
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For more information about the program, please contact
Olena Diadikova
EDP program manager
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