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7 modules each of 3 days
88000 uah
School of marketing
A thorough systematic knowledge of marketing + individual project protection
The structure of the program
Module 1
Marketing strategy
November 21-23

  • Strategic idea in business. Values, vision, mission.
  • Marketing philosophy: Traditional and radical approaches.
  • Logic of marketing strategy. Strategic Marketing Solutions.
  • Segmentation: What formats work in practice?
  • Differentiation and positioning: Creating sustainable competitive advantage. Key points and steps of differentiation.
  • Do you need research and what if so?
  • How can you know and feel the consumer without research?

Module 2
Management of consumer buying behavior
December 12-14

  • Customizing the business system to the client. Customer ranks.
  • Selection of key clients.
  • Consumer buying behavior. Levels of buying behavior.
  • CPM or Customer Really Matters. The strategy of forming relationships with customers.
  • Service strategy VS product strategy.
  • Customer Orientation Strategy. Service Marketing.
  • Research: What information does a marketer need to make decisions?
  • Loyal Buyer: Where's the Button?
  • Development of loyalty programs based on examples of Ukrainian companies.

Module 3
January 16-18

  • Brand strategy.
  • Brand Creation Models.
  • Stages of brand building.
  • Brand portfolio management.
  • Brand extension.
  • Brand rejuvenation.
  • Brand Sense: channels of sensory perception of the brand

Module 4
Product / Price / Channel Management
February 13-15

  • Productive innovation and R'n'D marketing.
  • Innovative product portfolio management solutions.
  • Creating and launching breakthrough products.
  • The essence and logic of product innovation.
  • Product Lifecycle Management. Features of the brand life cycle.
  • Pricing strategy.
  • Price change strategy and tactics.
  • Pricing policy for new VS existing products.
  • Construction of sales channels.
  • Tools and mechanics to increase sales.

Module 5
Communication Management
March 12-14

  • Communication of a strategic idea. Strategic messages for target audiences.
  • Integrated marketing communications.
  • The formula of effective communication. Creative.
  • Internal Communications: An external influence catalyst.
  • PR: effective communications for business.
  • Digital marketing: unfamiliar words - familiar concepts.
  • Media Planning. Evaluation and effectiveness of communication campaigns.

Module 6
April 9-11

The MarkStrat business simulation is designed to study the concepts of strategic behavior of companies in the market, targeted at top executives of companies seeking to obtain the specialized and state-of-the-art strategic thinking knowledge required by management.

Module 7
Management of the marketing system
May 14-16

  • I'm a marketing director. Effective manager.
  • Marketing + Sales: Collaboration or Struggle?
  • Marketing planning and budgeting.
  • Working with a team.
  • Finance for the Marketer: Digital Language Marketing.
  • Management of marketing projects.
  • The art of public speaking and presentations.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Where does the tutorial end: managerial decisions by a marketer.

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88000 uah
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Maryna Zemskova
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